3D Printed Klann Linkage Demo

Linkage Calculation Spreadsheet
Sketchup 3D Warehouse Info

Latest on the 8mm film converter

Extensive work since the last post – here’s a quick look while I get my act together.


Tentacle Has A Heartbeat

The Webbed Tentacle

Here’s the inspiration:

I’ve decided to expand on it a little. It’s an ESP8266 WIFI module running Micropython. The node is an AP and serves up a simple AJAX web page allowing for manual control

Battery holder, base and servo motor

Battery holder, base and servo motor

Rotor mounted on servo

Rotor mounted on servo

This guy delivers parcels

And I have absolute faith in him.


A Small Interruption to the Swimming Season



Starting to Look Legitimate


‘Tis the Spring Duck

Sadly this means I cannot uncover, scrape, power wash, repair, chemically treat and maintain the pool this year for fear of arousing the Ire of the Duck.


Treehouse Season 3

At night around the fire the Elders would tell the story of the Featureless Wooden Cube.


Got My Hexbright!

hey, remember this? After only 18 months my Kickstarter-funded flashlight has arrived. It’s called the Hexbright. As you might think, it’s very bright, but cooler than that is that it has a programmable microcontroller and an accelerometer so you can use gestures or taps to make it do things.