Time Lapse Video Throwie


“What’s This?” you ask. It’s a keychain video recorder. Search for “keychain video dvr” on Ebay to see what they can do and how incredibly cheap they are.

“What’s a throwie?” you ask next. You can see here for the details but it’s basically a LED, battery and magnet that you can throw at something metallic and have it stick there and entertain until the battery runs out.

So a Time Lapse Video Throwie is a combination of the two. The unit is small enough that it can be attached to a rare earth magnet and left somewhere for a few days and take pictures every 30 seconds or so. Now, this unit does not do that currently; it can record about 30 minutes of (so-called) HD video or take several thousand photographs. My modification will be to install an Atmel ATTiny45 microcontroller (as used in the Blink Project to wake up the device and take a picture every 30 seconds.

The memory (4GB Micro SD) runs out before the battery does so I think I’ll be able to leave this somewhere for a few days at a time.

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