So I’ve done a couple of conversions with the current setup and it’s apparent that I need to make a few changes.
The first is the camera; my digital SLR took about 18,000 frames for 2 films and that’s really bad for the mechanical systems. So I’m now using this Samsung NX200 mirror less unit. It’s around 20 megapixels and has an APS-C sensor.

However, it doesn’t have a remote shutter connection (which I should have checked out) so I built this mechanical actuator.

It’s a block of balsa which fits snugly over the camera. On the top is a relay and solenoid which mechanically activates the shutter.


8mm to video converter

I need to document this a little better. I’ve been working on an 8mm film to video converter for some time. Here’s a quick look.

Got my office the way I want it

I just started a new job where, for the first time ever, I have an office.

Bad Data


L&M Disposal Bought By Facebook For $900m


D006D-V3 Variation is Working

I just got the board running and it’ll be shooting a particularly boring movie overnight to make sure my timing is ok.


My Lava Lamp Has a Turbo Button

D006D-V3 Variation

So called because that’s what’s printed on the PCB, this is one of the units I received a few weeks back.


Test Point Off On Shutter Pressed
A 0v Pulse 0v,Vcc,0v
B 0v Pulse then 1.9v 1.9v,Vcc,1.9v
C 0v 0v Vcc
D 0v Vcc Vcc
G 0v Vcc when pressed 1.1v
H Vcc Vcc Vcc


Here’s the underside of the Throwie showing a couple of rare earth magnets glued into some Sugru.

Sadly I think I was a little enthusiastic pushing everything together in the case and I damaged the LiPo battery, which swelled up and wouldn’t hold a charge. I swapped it out for a larger one I had and put them in heatshrink.



The new units I ordered behave slightly different from my first one and I’ll have to modify the code anyway.

Treehouse Progress